Laurie MacMillan
I’ve had a passion for hair since I was a teen. I went to hair school and worked as a stylist in Montreal for 7 years . I moved out to the west coast where I first started working in Burnaby where I worked for 6 years . I then moved to my for ever home , Vancouver Island , the most beautiful place in Canada . This is where my dreams were realized to be able to have a family of my own and have the support of my husband to open up our own salon in 2005. I have learned so much over the years about business, people , most of all my love for doing hair and  taking care of the best clients in the world .In my opinion.
Maria Watkins
I have been working as a stylist for over 40 years. I have always particularly enjoyed cutting, colouring, and perms. I delight in helping people choose the right hairstyle for them, looking at both ease of styling, and practicality. My experience and passion for learning have helped me realize this dream of my lifelong career.
Alayna Clark
I have been a stylist for nearly 10 years. I chose hairdressing for the ability to be creative and for my love of the ever-changing style and continuous opportunities for education and growth that the industry offers. I really enjoy working with colour, and I have a passion for blondes and fashion colours. I like to help enhance a person’s beauty by helping bring their personality out via their hairstyle.
Mina Nafchi
I have been working as a stylist for 20 years. The best part of my experience as a hairstylist is meeting and getting to know so many people and that my creativity brings a smile to many people’s faces. I am fully committed to provide and help each individual client by creating their visions for their hair into a beautiful reality. My passion for art and creativity encourages me to expand my education in all aspects of the hair and fashion industry to make sure each and every one of my clients leave with their best possible look and a good feeling. I love working with colours by utilizing my skills to personalize my technique for each client to keep them up with the current hairstyles. Feel free to call me for a free consultation.
Charo (Rosa) Hernandez